You can track the utilization of the budget on the monthly pacing chart available at the bottom of the Overview dashboard. The pacing chart gives you:

  • A chart/table that allows you to compare ideal vs. actual daily ad spends 

  • Your total month-to-date (MTD) spend

  • The amount you need to spend daily for the rest of the month to meet your budget numbers 

The tool also shows you a snapshot of the actual and ideal numbers on any given day when you hover your cursor over the coordinates for the date.

In order to use the pacing charts, you need to setup the monthly budget. 

Monthly budget can be setup individually for a month or on multiple months together. Open the ‘Monthly Budgets’ tab under Settings

  • Pick the month(s) for you which you wish to set the budget 

  • Click on Edit Budget on the top right corner

  • Enter the amount and click on Save to confirm

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