Automated Rule is a feature that allows advertisers to automate bidding on specific Amazon advertising campaigns or keywords by setting up rules that'll automatically trigger actions when set conditions are met.

We create automated rules for search terms to move revenue-generating search terms from automated rules to their respective campaigns.

Note the following steps in the mapping file:

  • Click on the "Automated Rules" under the Sponsored Ads tab > Click on "New Rule."

  • Enter a Rule Name >Choose your Target > Choose your Action Type.

  • Define your Criteria/Condition for the rule to run (keep in mind that you can add more than one condition)

  • After clicking on "Update Rule"> Go to upload mapping>Download Template

  • Once you get the mapping template data, you can add it in all three types serch terms.

With this capability, you can now move search terms from Sponsored Product to Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display campaigns.

  • After successfully choosing the file, click on upload and you'll see the data under the uploading file section.

Watch this video for detailed steps:

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