Labels let you group Targets, Products, Campaigns, or Ad Groups. Once you have created a Label, you can filter it to review performance and make decisions.

Follow the below steps to create and use Labels.

1. In the left navigation menu, under settings, click on "Labels." Click on "Add Label," enter the name of the Label, and submit.

2. Now, select a set of Targets, Products, Ad groups, or Campaigns that you want to group under this Label. Select "Label" on the top-right, choose the Label in which you want to group these, and click on "Add."

Alternatively, you can also create a new Label here. Type the name and click on "Add New."

3. Your newly created Label will be available as a filter as well as a column.

4. Select the label and apply

5. Your label will appear now

You can also create labels for your accounts under the All Accounts tab to manage your organisation-level accounts effectively.

Watch this video for detailed steps:

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