If you want to share Looker Studio (Google Data Studio or GDS) reports with your clients who do not have access to the Intetnwise platform, you need to transfer your data source credentials to yourself. You can follow the below steps to do that:

  1. In Looker Studio, go to 'Edit.'

2. Go to 'Resource'> 'Manage added data sources'

3. We need to transfer the credentials for all the data sources. This step has to be done separately for each.

4. Click on 'Edit' in front of a data source > 'Data Credentials'

5. Change the credentials from 'Viewer' to 'Owner's Credentials'> 'Update'> 'Done' ( top right corner)

6. Repeat the steps for all other data sources one by one.

7. Click on Publish for the changes to take place.

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