With the Intentwise Platform, you can easily change bid values in bulk for your Keywords and Targets. The steps for are outlined below:

  • You can find the 'Keywords' tab under the 'Sponsored Ads' dropdown in the left navigation menu. You can directly update the bid of the respected keyword by clicking on the current bid, as shown below.

  • Or you can change the bids in bulk by selecting multiple keywords and clicking on the 'Edit bid' option shown on the top bar

  • You will see a pop-up with various options for updating the current bid values. Select the option that you find most suitable for your goals. To change the bid value to a specific number, select the 'Set New Bid' option, input the value and click on the 'Preview & Submit' button.

  • You can confirm the bids here before the final submission. Click on 'Submit' once you are sure of the values.

  • Other options for changing bids include increasing or decreasing the bids by Percentage, Average CPC, using Recommended bids by our algorithm, or using Amazon Suggested Bids.

Watch this video for detailed steps:

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