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Walmart: Aggregated Metrics View
Walmart: Aggregated Metrics View

On the Intentwise platform you can aggregate metrics at the Product ID, Keyword or Campaign level using Roll-Ups. Read more on this here

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In a typical advertising account on Walmart, a single Product or Keyword can exist in multiple campaigns. Understanding performance across the account at a Product ID or keyword level requires you to download data and then create pivot tables, which can all be very time-consuming.

"Roll Up" solves this problem for you. You can roll up at a Product ID, Keyword level Campaign level.

Types of Roll Ups

1. Product Roll up: See the performance aggregated at a product ID level.

2. Keyword Roll up: You can roll up keywords at two levels:

  • Keyword level: see the performance aggregated at a keyword level.

  • Match type level: see the performance aggregated at a match type level.

    3. Campaign Roll up- see the performance aggregated at a campaign type level.

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