Are you facing trouble adding your Amazon accounts to the Intentwise Platform?

Read this article to learn why and how you can resolve it.

Reason 1. Access Permissions (email id doesn't have access)

If the email you're using to log into Amazon advertising console doesn't have View and Edit permissions for the account, you will not be able to add it to Intentwise. You'll be able to add the account once you have the required permissions.

Reason 2. Account already added

The account could be already added to the platform but is in a disabled state. Sometimes, if it is disabled, it won't appear in the dropdown. You can confirm by checking in the accounts section in the Account Management tab.

Reason 3. User ID - Role on Intentwise

Your user ID for the Intentwise platform might be set up as an Analyst. An Analyst role doesn't have the permissions to add a new account. You can reach out to your admin to either add the account on your behalf or update your permissions.

Reason 4. Lost access

The account will not show up on the Intentwise platform if there is any change in the email ID which had access to the Amazon account. In this case, you'll have to provide access again with the new email ID.

Reason 5. Associated with another organization

The account might be associated with another organization on the Intentwise platform. We can look into this if you can share the following details:

  • Account Name

  • Email id that has View and Edit access

  • Entity ID/Merchant ID

Note: you will find the Entity ID/Merchant ID in the URL when you open the account on the advertising console. For sellers, the Merchant ID starts with "A" and for vendors, it starts with Entity.

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