Custom Product Attributes Dashboard

With Intentwise, grouping products by brand, price, and more is easy. Learn how to use our product grouping and custom attributes tools.

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Custom Product Attributes Explained

The Custom Product Attributes (previously Brand ASINs with limited functionality) provide a comprehensive way to store and manage your products. This feature allows you to group your products and provide custom attributes. You can add Groups and up to five user-defined attributes. Use Custom Product Attributes to:

  • Group your brands if you manage multiple brands within the same account.

  • Leverage attributes to identify seasonal products, define audience segments, product sub-categories, supplier information, and product lifecycle, to name a few use cases.

This dashboard will serve as a master list of products for other dashboards in the future.

Currently, data from this dashboard is only available in Intentwise Analytics Cloud. Jump to the below sections to learn more:

Getting Started With Custom Product Attributes

A list of ASINs is updated daily from Sponsored Ads, Seller Central and Vendor Central sales reports. To add or make updates, follow the steps below.

  • To add new ASINs or make bulk changes, click on Upload In Bulk> Manage ASINs.

  • A .csv file would be downloaded. Enter the ASINs, Brands, and Attributes and upload the .csv file to update the changes on the platform.

    Please Note- ASIN Title is not updatable. The ASIN titles would auto-populate from Sponsored Ads and Seller Central/Vendor Central Sales reports.

  • You can also download a CSV or Excel file of the data by clicking this small icon:

  • To make individual edits, click on the pencil icon next to the ASIN and update the desired values in the pop-menu and click on save

  • You can use Filters to filter values by ASIN, Brand, Group, or Attribute or click blue highlighted links.

To delete an entry, select the checkbox and click on Delete.

Custom Product Attributes For Intentwise Analytics Cloud

This table is now part of Intentwise Ecommerce Graph as a reference table, click here for more information.

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