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Walmart Onboarding Guide
Walmart Onboarding Guide

Read this article to learn the process of integrating Intentwise with your Walmart advertising account.

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Steps to add Intentwise as the API partner

To provide access to your Walmart account, you need to add Intentwise as an API partner. The steps to do so are below:

Please note- that only account admins can add an API partner. An API Partner with write access to your account can view and edit every campaign within that account.

Step 1: Accessing the Admin Page

Log in to and navigate to the API Partner - Advertiser Level section on the Admin page.

Step 2: Adding a Partner

Click + Add Partner at the bottom of the section.

Step 3: Selecting Intentwise
In the API Partner name dropdown, scroll and select Intentwise.

Step 4: Granting Access

Select the level of access: Provide Write access to Intentwise.

Step 5: Confirming the Integration

Click Add Partner. Intentwise can now access your advertising account via the Sponsored Search APIs.

Step 6: Notify Intentwise

Reach out to the Intentwise support team at [email protected] and provide the following details:

  1. Intentwise Account Name:

    Name of your Intentwise account to which you want to map your Walmart Advertising account.

  2. Walmart Advertiser ID:

    To find your Advertiser ID, log into Walmart Ad Center and go to the left Navigation menu > Reports > Advertiser. You can find your 6-digit Advertiser ID in the URL on this page:[Advertiser ID]

Once we get the required details, we will initiate the onboarding process from our end, which takes a day to complete. We will notify you once that is done.

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