Follow the below steps for connecting Power BI to Intentwise Analytics Cloud:

STEP 1: Add your Accounts to the Data Sources

Before you begin- Ensure that you have configured Amazon Redshift ODBC on your system. Keep in mind that Amazon Redshift driver bit is same as that of the bit rate of your OS. The links for installation are provided below:
Windows 32
Windows 64

Connection String- port=5439;;database=data_platform

PLEASE NOTE- A 32 or 64 bit driver should be downloaded as per the bit rate of the OS and Power BI desktop app. These connection details are specific to the user and restrict access to the accounts the user has access to within the platform.

STEP 2: Connect Power BI

If you want to leverage our pre-built templates for your Power BI reports, click here.

Step 3: Schedule Refresh

Follow this step to refresh and get the latest data in your report

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