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How to Connect Looker Studio (Google Data Studio or GDS)
How to Connect Looker Studio (Google Data Studio or GDS)

Read this article and follow the tutorial for the step-by-step instructions for connecting Looker Studio to Intentwise Analytics Cloud.

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What is Looker Studio

Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) allows for easy customization and integration with all Intentwise Analytics Cloud features; hence, we have most of our reporting templates available only in Looker Studio.

Getting Started with Looker Studio

Follow the below steps for connecting Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio or GDS) to Intentwise Analytics Cloud:

  1. Navigate to Intentwise Analytics Cloud

  2. Navigate to 'My Connections'

  3. Add your accounts to the Data Sources

  4. Connect Looker Studio via the Connections section

Learn how to connect to Looker Studio and set up your own Looker Studio instance.

How to Set Up Looker Reporting Templates

Learn how to create your own copy of our reporting templates.

If you want to leverage our pre-built templates for your Looker Studio reports, click here.

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