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How to Configure MySQL

Read the article and follow the step-by-step instructions for configuring MySQL with Intentwise analytics Cloud

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Steps for configuring MySQL

To configure MySQL with Intentwise analytics Cloud, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new database ‘intentwise' in the MySQL cluster.

  2. If your database is behind the firewall, whitelist the following IP addresses. This is required for the Intentwise data pipeline to access your database.









  3. Create any new user with the <password> in your MySQL database.

  4. Create the following new schemas within the database:

    • amazon_source_data

    • intentwise_ecommerce_graph

    • amazon_marketing_cloud (recommended if you are currently using or intend to use Amazon Marketing Cloud)

    • criteo_source_data (recommended if you are currently using or intend to use Criteo)

    • instacart_source_data (recommended if you are currently using or intend to use Instacart)

    • walmart_source_data (recommended if you are currently using or intend to use Walmart)

  5. Grant read/write permissions for the user created in step #3 by using these queries:

    • GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON amazon_source_data TO <intentwise_user>;

    • GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON intentwise_ecommerce_graph TO <intentwise_user>

  6. Now, go to the Intentwise platform and navigate to My Connections under Intentwise Analytics Cloud. Click on "+ Add Destination", choose MySQL as the destination and click Next.

  7. And enter the Host, Port, Database, User, and Password details and Save.

  8. On successful completion, you will see this message:

  9. For any further questions on the pipeline setup, please reach out to us on chat or at [email protected].

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