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Walmart: SB Campaign Guidelines
Walmart: SB Campaign Guidelines

Ready to create a Sponsored Brands campaign within Walmart? Be sure to follow these specifications and guidelines.

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SB Profile Requirements:

1. Brand Logo

a. Image specifications for best quality and performance:

  1. 300px by 180px dimensions

  2. Only transparent PNG file format

  3. File size ≤ 200 KB

b. Recommendations:  

  1. Include white or transparent background  

  2. If using white background, crop any extra white space around the image

  3. Edges of content should touch all image’s edges  

  4. Remove any borders around the image

c. Additional callouts:

  1. Advertisers can choose to have a branded logo.

  2. Branded logo can be either item brand or parent company logo

  3. Stock images will not be approved as a logo

Note: If the image is not clear, pixelated, or does not meet any of the above mentioned criteria, the logo will be rejected in the review process.

2. Brand Name

a. Maximum length of 35 characters, including space.

b. Should match the logo.

c. Should match case sensitivity with the logo

3. Headline Text

a. Maximum length of 45 characters, including space.

b. Can contain the brand name but can't contain a competitor name.

c. Message must be relevant to promoted items

4. Logo Click URL

a. Maximum length of 255 characters.

c. Only Search, Browse, and Shelf pages are accepted.

Item Requirement:

1. Item eligibility:

a. Products featured in the ad are based on relevancy, inventory availability, and quality checks (Logo/image quality and Click URL)

b. Products must win the buy box*

c. Products must be published, in stock (in relevant zip code) and the base item

d. Products should be eligible for Add to Cart (in-store only items are not eligible)

2. Item requirement:

a. Minimum of 3 items must be enabled

b. Maximum of 10 items can be enabled

Keyword Requirements:

1. Keyword eligibility:

a. The bidded keywords should be strictly related to the product(s) or the brand


b. Any keywords related to sensitive physical/medical conditions or sensitive

bodily functions/ conditions will be rejected.

2. Keyword requirement:

a. Maximum keyword length of 80 characters

b. Minimum $1 CPC

c. Maximum of 200 distinct bidded keywords with 1-3 keyword match-types each

d. At least 1 keyword-match type needs to be approved

3. Keyword Conquesting Policy

a. Conquesting is prohibited

b. Any competitor branded keywords will be rejected

c. Strict action will be taken on any instances of conquesting

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