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How can I Add/Assign New Users to Intentwise?
How can I Add/Assign New Users to Intentwise?

Read this article to learn how to add new users, assign user roles and accounts to those those users in Intentwise

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In this article, we'll go through the steps to:

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Adding New Users to Intentwise

Step 1. To add a new user, navigate to Account Management under Global Settings.

Step 2. Click on Users tab > "Add User"

Step 3. Enter the Name and Email ID

Assign roles and accounts within Intentwise

Step 4. Select a Role

For Advertising Platform,

  • Admin Roles will have access to all accounts.

  • Analyst Roles will have access to specific accounts. Select this role if you have multiple brands/accounts and want user-specific access

For Intentwise Analytics Cloud,

  • IAC Admin will have full access to Intentwise Analytics Cloud plus read-only access to the rest of the platform.

  • IAC Analyst will have edit and view access to specific assigned accounts.

  • Read-Only Roles can see all reporting but cannot make any changes on the platform, i.e., bids, adding new keywords, pausing campaigns, etc.

Step 5. Select account(s)

Step 6. Click "Add". The new user should receive an email to accept the invitation. Please note that the authentication mail will be valid for the next 48 hours.

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