Add New Accounts on Intentwise

Read this article to learn how you can add new accounts and enable new accounts on the Intentwise platform

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Adding accounts on the Intentwise platform is easy! You may want to add accounts in two scenarios:

Please Note: Only Admin Users can add new accounts.

Scenario 1: Account Exists in Account Management

Below are the steps to enable more accounts in the platform to which access has already been provided but the status isn't active (marked with "X"):

  1. Go to Global Settings > Account Management.

  2. Click on the Accounts tab.

  3. Scroll to the account you wish to enable and select the checkbox next to it.

  4. Click on the Enable (to activate account) or Disable (to deactivate account) button in the top right-hand corner.

  5. Select the checkbox if you want to add the account to the Intentwise Analytics Cloud as a data source. You can manage the data source connections from the Intentwise Analytics Cloud > My Connections at any time.

Scenario 2: Account Does Not Exist in Account Management

If your account is not present in the above list it means the platform does not have access to the account. You can provide access by following these steps or watch the video below:

  1. Click on Account Management in the bottom left corner under Global Settings.
    Then go to Accounts > Add Accounts > Amazon Sponsored Ads and click Next.

  2. The next step is to login into your Amazon account. Ensure the email address you are signing in with has Campaign Manager View and Edit access to the account on Amazon.

  3. Select the account you want to add from the list of accounts. You can edit the account name by clicking on the pencil icon. Select the checkboxes to add the required accounts as data sources to the Intentwise Analytics Cloud. You can manage the data source connections from the Intentwise Analytics Cloud > My Connections at any time.

  4. Click on 'Next' to initiate the setup. You will be notified within 24 hours via email once the account is available on the platform.

Please Note: You can also add your Kindle (KDP) accounts by following the same process.

Watch the video instructions here:

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