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Walmart: Create Campaigns
Walmart: Create Campaigns

Read this article to learn how you can create Sponsored Products and Brand Amplifier campaigns for Walmart with Intentwise

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Steps for creating campaigns for Walmart

With Intentwise Walmart, you can create campaigns in bulk.

  1. Go to Walmart Campaign tab and click on "Add Campaign"

  2. Input Products by adding the Item Number or Choose From Existing Product(s).

  3. Campaign Structure options:

    1. Select one or more Campaign Types; Sponsored Products - Keyword Targeting, Sponsored Products - Auto Targeting and Search Brand Amplifier - Keyword Target

    2. Select Adgroup Structure preferences.

    3. Select Categories, Budgets & Targets preferences. Daily Budget minimums for 1P Sellers are $50 and $10 for 3P Sellers. Minimum Total Budget for 1P Sellers are $100 and $50 for 3P Sellers.

  4. *If Search Brand Amplifier campaign type is selected, you will see "Add SBA Profile" tab. Add your product(s), Profile, Brand Name, Headline Text, Store Page URL and upload your Logo.

  5. *If Search Brand Video campaign type is selected, you will see "Sponsored Brand Video" tab. Add your product(s), Profile, Media Name, Media File, and Caption File.

  6. Ad Target options:

    1. Enter your Brand Keywords and Non Brand Keywords, modify your match types and bids.

    2. Add your Sponsored Products auto targeting bids. You can also click the checkbox to add Walmart Suggested Keywords.

  7. Click on Launch Campaign(s).

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