As advertisers, we often ask questions such as "what changed in performance last week compared to the prior week" or "How does prime-day performance this year compare with last year?

Use the "compare" option in the calendar widget to answer these questions quickly. With Intentwise's custom compare option, compare past performance for your Walmart Campaigns, Ad Groups, Products, or Keywords.

1. Select Compare: Select the compare toggle switch and enable it. Intentwise, dashboards will switch to the compare mode.

2. Select dates: To compare the data for the custom date range, click on Custom from the dropdown.

  • Select the dates that you want to compare and Apply.

  • The dates that are being compared are listed next to the Select Date drop-down. You will see metrics on charts for the selected date ranges.

  • The table view will also change to show three new columns for previous data values, change and percentage changes in the data values.

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