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Compare metrics between time-periods
Compare metrics between time-periods

Use "Compare" feature to easily compare metrics between time-periods and get insights about changes in performance

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As advertisers, we often ask questions such as "what changed in performance last week compared to the prior week" or "How does prime-day performance this year compare with last year? 

Use the "compare" option in the calendar widget to answer these questions quickly.

Steps for using the Compare feature:

  • Click on Campaigns (or Products, Targets, Keywords, Search Terms etc.) from the left navigation menu > Click the calendar widget on the top right corner

  • Let's say you want to compare the metrics for the last 14 days with the prior data. All you have to do is choose the time period and turn on the "compare" option.

  • The change in metrics for the time period selected will be displayed for you to compare.

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