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Spot the biggest movers with Overview
Spot the biggest movers with Overview

Read this article to spot the biggest movers quickly using change widgets and learn about the performance of different metrics.

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Overview Explained

The Overview screen gives an overview of your account with multiple widgets and charts. You can see the biggest movers among your campaigns, products, and keywords. At the bottom, you can also find the budget utilization pacing chart.

Availability: Amazon Ads in Intentwise Ad Optimizer


Track Performance Metrics

With the Overview dashboard, you can track your account performance metrics like spend, revenue, impressions, ROAS, ACOS, and total ACOS for a desired period. You can also view this data (and more) as charts or tables.

Change Widgets

Biggest Movers by Campaigns, ASINs, and Keywords

You can spot the biggest changes by campaigns, ASINs, and keywords (SP and SB). Below is an illustration of the products (ASINs) widget. You can navigate the list by clicking on the Prev and Next links.

Customize your views

Select your metric of choice from the dropdown in the right-hand top corner.

See detailed metrics

Hover over any one item to see detailed metrics.

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Pacing Chart

Once you've added your monthly budgets, you can use the budget pacing chart, which helps you see how close you are to meeting your monthly budget and adjust spending if necessary. Read more about how you can monitor spend using pacing chart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can't I see my total ACOS in the Overview dashboard?

If the Total ACOS (TACOS) metric is missing from the dashboard, we advise checking whether your Seller account is connected to the Intentwise platform. Learn how you can provide API access to Seller Central data.

How can I calculate TACOS using Ordered Revenue?

You can calculate TACOS based on shipped revenue or ordered revenue by updating the settings in Account Management. Learn more.

This option is available for vendor accounts.

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