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Walmart: Overview tab
Walmart: Overview tab

Gain insights into the Overview tab, which offers a comprehensive overview of your account, including a budget pacing chart.

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Overview Tab Explained

The Overview tab provides a comprehensive view of your account through various widgets and charts. It highlights significant changes in your campaigns, products, keywords, and a budget utilization pacing chart.

Track Performance Metrics

With the Overview tab, monitor key performance metrics such as spend, revenue, impressions, ROAS, ACOS, and total ACOS over a selected time frame. These metrics are presented in charts and tables for easy analysis.

Note: If you don't see Total Revenue and Total ROAS metrics, it could be due to missing API access. Refer to these articles to set it up: Marketplace access and 1P Supplier access.

Identifying Significant Changes

Easily identify significant changes in your campaigns, ASINs, and keywords (SP and SB) with the Biggest Movers section. The products (ASINs) widget, illustrated below, allows you to navigate through the list using the Prev and Next links.

Customize Your View

Select your preferred metric from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the dashboard. Hover over any item to view detailed metrics and gain deeper insights.

Pacing Chart

Once you've added your monthly budgets, you can use the budget pacing chart to see how close you are to meeting your monthly budget and adjust spending if necessary.

To utilize the pacing charts, it's crucial to set up your monthly budgets. You can set budgets for individual months or multiple months together by accessing the 'Monthly Budgets' tab under Settings.

Select the desired month(s), click "Edit Budget" in the top right corner, enter the amount, and save to confirm. Or click on a month's budget to edit.

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