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How to Provide API Access to Seller Central Data
How to Provide API Access to Seller Central Data

See your Total ACOS, Total Units, & Total Revenue by providing Seller Central SP-API access on top of your advertising account access.

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In this article, you will learn how to provide API access to the Seller Central SP API (sometimes spelled as spapi), which allows you to gain access to target ACoS, total units, total revenue, and inventory metrics in the Intentwise Ad Optimizer platform.

Steps to provide access to Amazon Seller Central accounts:

  1. Go to Global Settings in the bottom left corner and click on Account Management.

  2. Follow these steps: Account Management > Accounts tab > Add Accounts > Amazon Seller Central > Next

    Note: It is recommended to add the Seller Ads account first, as doing so will automatically associate the Seller Central SP API access with the ads accounts.

  3. Select one of the two below options:

    1. If you are the account owner, authorize the access. (You can also pick this option if you have full access to the account)

    2. If you are an agency, copy the authorization link and share it with the account
      owner to authorize.

  4. You/they need to log in to Amazon Seller account and in the following screen that appears, provide us the consent.

  5. Select Yes if you want to add the account as a data source to the Intentwise Analytics Cloud. You can manage the data source connections from the Intentwise Analytics Cloud > My Connections at any time.

    On successful completion, a success message will appear. The setup of the SP-API takes around 24 hours. We'll notify you via email once it is complete.

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If you want to enable a Seller Central account in Intentwise Analytics Cloud, you need to follow a set of additional steps. Find these steps here.

If you are looking to connect a Vendor Central account, you can find those steps here.

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