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How to save valuable time with Intentwise
How to save valuable time with Intentwise

Get started with SaaS-based powerful Amazon Advertising Platform Intentwise and save valuable time and effort optimizing campaigns

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By now, you have probably signed in and looked around the Intentwise platform. Here are three primary ways in which the platform can save you a great deal of time:

1. Bulk Bid Changes

Whether you are trying to make keyword bid changes or auto-targeting bid changes or any other bid changes, changing bids one campaign at a time through the Amazon UI can be time-consuming. With Intentwise, you can make bulk bid changes in a matter of seconds.

2. Keyword and Search Term Analysis

Today, you are probably downloading search term reports, analyzing data in spreadsheets, and adding appropriate positive and negative keywords manually. With the Intentwise platform, you can do away with spreadsheets entirely. Analyzing search terms and adding positive and negative keywords can be done instantly.

3. Analyze performance rapidly

Easily compare performance between different periods, roll-up performance metrics across your entire account, track change history alongside performance data and dive deep into the performance of a single ASIN, keyword, or campaign.

Examples of how Intentwise makes analysis of performance easy:

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