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Keywords Dashboard: Managing Keywords and Bids
Keywords Dashboard: Managing Keywords and Bids

Learn how to use the Keywords dashboard to manage your keywords, negatives, keyword suggestions, and bids as well as take bulk actions.

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Keywords Dashboard Explained

The Keywords dashboard helps you manage your keywords with features like changing bid values in bulk, adding negative keywords, using roll ups, and more. With this dashboard, you can manage keywords for sponsored products and sponsored brands—keyword targeting campaigns.

Availability: Intentwise Ad Optimizer (Amazon Ads)


Steps for Adding Keywords

  1. Go to the Keywords dashboard.

  2. Add Keywords: Click on the "+ Add Keyword" button. You can easily add keywords in bulk to your sponsored products and sponsored brand campaigns.

  3. Select Campaigns and add keywords

  4. Choose match type

  5. Set bids

  6. Submit

Steps for updating keyword bids

Change bid values in bulk for your keywords by following these steps:

  1. Edit individual bids: Update the bid of a keyword by clicking on the current bid.

  2. Edit bids in bulk: Select multiple keywords and click on the 'Edit bid' option shown on the top bar.

  3. Edit bids: A pop-up with various options for updating the current bid values will appear. Select the option that is most suitable for your goals. To change the bid value to a specific number, select the 'Set New Bid' option, input the value, and click on the 'Preview & Submit' button.

    Other options for changing bids include increasing or decreasing the bids by Percentage, Average CPC, using Recommended bids by our algorithm, or using Amazon Suggested Bids.

  4. Preview and Submit: You can confirm the bids here before the final submission. Click on 'Submit' once you are sure of the values.

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Using Roll Ups

You can use the roll up feature to see the aggregated performance on a keyword, brand, or match type level.

Please note: If the count of keywords in your account is more than 200000, then the roll up feature is not available in the Keywords dashboard. In this case, you'll see individual Keywords dashboards under sponsored products and sponsored brands dashboards.

Negative Keywords

In the negative keywords section, you'll find a list of all your negative keywords.

Steps for adding negative keywords

  1. Go to the Negative Keywords section and click the "+ Add Negative Keyword" button.

  2. Select campaigns, add negative keywords, and select match types.

  3. Submit

Steps for archiving negative keywords

  1. Select negative keywords

  2. Click "Archive keywords" in the top bar

  3. Submit

Keyword Suggestions

This tab contains keyword suggestions from manual and auto campaign search terms.

Once you select keywords, a top bar with various options appears:

  • Add Campaigns: Create new campaigns using the keywords.

  • Add as keyword: Add keywords to multiple existing campaigns.

  • Add as negative keyword: Add as negative keywords to existing or multiple campaigns.

  • Dismiss: Dismiss the keyword recommendation from the list or never recommend again.

You can also find performance metrics, such as the last 14 days' spend, revenue, impressions, clicks, etc., for these keyword suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I export all the negative keywords in one account?

Click the download icon in the Negative Keywords tab under the Keywords dashboard.

Similarly, you can download the list of your existing keywords and keyword suggestions.

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