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Criteo: Adding New Keywords and Editing Bids
Criteo: Adding New Keywords and Editing Bids

Maximize efficiency with the Keywords Dashboard. Adjust bids and add new keywords seamlessly for optimal performance and relevance.

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Keywords Dashboard explained

The Keywords dashboard helps you manage your keywords with features like changing bid values in bulk, adding keywords, using roll-ups, and more.


In the Keyword Report tab, you can find charts (or tables) of relevant metrics for a desired period (daily, weekly, or monthly). You can easily customize it to track spend, impressions, ROAS, etc.

Adding Keywords

You can add keywords to your campaigns by clicking Add Keyword > Select Campaigns > Enter keywords > Next > Set bids > Submit.

Editing bids


Here, you can directly update the bid of the respective keyword by clicking on the keyword bid.

In Bulk

Or you can edit the bids in bulk by selecting multiple keywords and clicking on the 'Edit bid' option in the top bar.

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