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Instacart: Bid Management for Ad Groups
Instacart: Bid Management for Ad Groups

Read this article and follow the step-by-step instructions on how you can manage bids for your Ad Groups

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The Intentwise platform makes managing bids for your ad groups simple.

Steps for managing bids for Ad Groups

  1. Ad Group Tab: Go to the Ad Group tab in the left navigation menu under the Instacart dashboard.

  2. Select Ad Groups: - Select the Ad Groups for which you want to change the bids.

    You can change the bids in three ways:

    1. Apply Recommendation Bids

    2. Edit Bulk Bids

    3. Default bids

    a. Apply Recommendation Bids: These are bid recommendations suggested by the platform based on your goals. Click on Apply Recommendation Bid. In the dialogue box that appears, click on Apply.

    b. Edit Bulk Bids: Use 'Edit Bids' to set custom bids in bulk. Set a new bid, increase bids or decrease bids. After setting the bid, 'Preview' and 'Apply'.

    c. Default Bids: Click on the box, enter the new bid, hit enter and confirm.

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