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Bid Recommendations and Target ACOS
Bid Recommendations and Target ACOS

Read this article and learn step-by-step instructions for setting target ACOS and applying bid recommendations on the Intentwise platform

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Target ACOS Explained

Target ACOS in Intentwise helps you manage how efficiently your ads turn into sales. It's like setting a goal for your desired ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) compared to your current ACOS. Intentwise then suggests bids to help you reach that goal for your campaigns.

Availability: Intentwise Ad Optimizer (Amazon Ads)

Bid Management with Intentwise

When optimizing your bids, you have two options to consider:

Intentwise’s machine learning algorithm works with your target ACOS, past keyword performance, keyword volume, and other data points to generate bid recommendations.

Steps for Adding Target ACOS

You can set your Target ACOS by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab in the left navigation menu

  2. Select the campaigns (individually or in bulk)

  3. Once selected, find the Edit button in the top bar

  4. Navigate to Set Target ACOS and add your target ACOS

  5. Select Auto Apply Bid Recommendations if you want the Intentwise platform to auto-apply bid recommendations (this is optional—explained later in the article)

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Auto-apply bid recommendations

You can automate bid management with Intentwise's algorithm or receive these suggestions as Recommendations.

  1. Auto-apply on: Enable bid automation by checking the "Auto Apply Bid Recommendations" box, leveraging Intentwise's machine learning AI for bid suggestions.

  2. Auto-apply off: Keep the box unchecked to receive bid recommendations under the Recommendations tab. You can then review and manually apply bids. Learn more about Recommendations.

Our bidding algorithm provides recommendations only for campaigns with a Target ACOS set. The degree of recommended bid deviation from the current bid depends on the chosen bid optimization profile.

Bid Optimization Profile

Using the Campaigns Dashboard, you can set your preferred Bid Optimization Profile to influence the recommended bids.

Edit the Bid Optimization Profile:

  1. Choose the campaigns

  2. Click Edit from the top bar

  3. Select the Bid Optimization Profile

The approximate bid adjustments for each optimization profile:

  • Aggressive involves increases/decreases of 30% or less

  • Conservative entails increases/decreases of 15% or less, and

  • Neutral encompasses bid adjustments falling within the percentage range between the values specified for Aggressive and Conservative.

For instance, when the ACOS fails to meet the Target ACOS, bids will be decreased across all three scenarios. The difference lies in the specific percentage by which the bids are reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will setting a Target ACOS affect my campaign bids?

Setting a Target ACOS will influence your campaigns' bids depending on whether auto-apply is enabled. If it's turned on, Intentwise's bidding algorithm will adjust bids to assist in achieving your Target ACOS. If not, you'll see the suggestions under the Recommendations section.

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