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How to Enable/Disable Auto-Apply Bid Recommendations
How to Enable/Disable Auto-Apply Bid Recommendations

Learn how to enable auto-apply bids for automated bid changes, or disable auto-apply bids for campaigns where it was previously enabled.

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With the Intentwise platform, you can automate bid management for your campaigns, ensuring that any recommendations generated by Intentwise's bidding algorithm are implemented automatically, with no need for manual intervention.

​Steps for automating bid management within Intentwise

Remember, bid recommendations are generated only for campaigns that have a Target ACOS. If you haven't set a Target ACOS for your campaigns yet, click here to learn more.

  1. To start, navigate to the Campaign tab in the left navigation menu.

  2. Choose the campaigns where you'd like to automatically apply bid recommendations.

  3. Click on 'Edit' in the top bar, then choose 'Auto Apply' from the dropdown menu.

  4. To automate bid optimizations, select Enable Auto Apply Bid Recommendations. To disable or turn off Auto Apply Bid Recommendations, select Disable Auto Apply Bid Recommendations.

  5. Once applied, the Campaigns will display a tick mark in the Auto Apply column, indicating that Auto Apply is enabled. An empty column indicates that Auto Apply is not turned on.

Watch this video for detailed steps:

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