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Optimize your Amazon campaign performance with Intentwise

Bid Recommendations and Target ACOSRead this article and learn step-by-step instructions for setting target ACOS and applying bid recommendations on the Intentwise platform
How to Use Automated Rules on IntentwiseRead this article to learn about automated rules that help in automating actions to optimize performance
How to Create Dayparting Automation RulesRead this article if you want to create hourly dayparting automation rules for your accounts on the Intentwise platform
Automation Rules: Best PracticesWhat type of automation rules should I create? Read this article to learn some of the most essesntial automated rules.
How to Add Automated Keyword SuggestionsIntentwise automatically generates keyword recommendations from your search term data. Learn how to apply these recommendations in platform
How to Harvest Keywords and Targets with Automated RulesBuild a search term harvesting rule that automatically harvests new keywords and targets for your ad campaigns. Learn how it works.
Alerts: Best PracticesWhat type of alerts should you create? Read this article to learn some of the most essential alerts on the Intentwise Platform.
All about RecommendationsRead this article to learn all about recommendations and how you can leverage them to improve your account performance
How to Enable/Disable Auto-Apply Bid RecommendationsLearn how to enable auto-apply bids for automated bid changes, or disable auto-apply bids for campaigns where it was previously enabled.
How to Use Alerts on IntentwiseRead this article and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up Alerts and get notifications with Amazon data insights
Use N-Grams to Optimize Your KeywordsRead this article to learn how to leverage N-Grams to understand your search terms and optimize your ad performance.
How to Add Search Terms as Keywords and NegativesAdd search terms as keywords or negative keywords using the Search Terms Dashboard to optimize your Amazon campaigns.
Streamline Keyword Management Using the Search Terms DashboardUse this dashboard to manage search terms, monitor if they exist in campaigns and accounts, and add new campaigns or keywords/negatives.