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How to Use Alerts on Intentwise

Read this article and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up Alerts and get notifications with Amazon data insights

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Alerts help you stay proactively informed about your advertising performance. It allows you to receive customized notifications triggered when your set criteria is set. Alerts can be set on the campaign, keyword, product, or search term level.

Steps to set a new alert

1. Create a New Alert: To set up customized alerts, click on the Alerts tab under the Settings menu of the application and then click on the New Alert button on the top right. You can enable, pause or delete alerts at any time.

2. Alert Name: Give the Alert a name

3. Choose Target: Select the target you want to be notified on from the list of Targets Intentwise provides.

4. Define the Criteria: Select the criteria for which you want the alert to trigger a notification.

  • For example, users can set up an alert to notify them as soon as the ACOS for a campaign exceeds 20%. Alerts that are closely aligned with your advertising goals can help you respond quickly to scenarios and take corrective action.

  • You can also define criteria based on changes period over period. This can be done by using the 'previous' or 'change' fields of certain metrics.

5. Set your lookback window: Select the date range for the alert to use the data from.

6. Set your Frequency: Select how many times you want to run the alert.

7. Pick the time of day: Choose the time of the day when you want it to execute.

8. Add Watchers: Multiple watchers can be added to each alert. Besides the original creator, these watchers will also get email notifications.

9. Save the Alert: Preview the targets that fall under the criteria selected, and you are all set! Each time these conditions are met, you will receive notifications for this alert.

Next Steps

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In this video, we explain how to set up Alerts.

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