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Amazon DSP: Setting Up Automated Rules
Amazon DSP: Setting Up Automated Rules

Learn the step-by-step process to create powerful automated rules on the Intentwise Platform for optimizing your Amazon DSP campaigns.

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Automated rules allow advertisers to automate actions by setting up rules that get triggered when set conditions are met. On Amazon DSP, Intentwise offers several ways to optimize your strategy via rules, which you will learn in this article.

Steps to create an automated rule:

  1. Create a New Rule: Navigate to the 'Automated Rules' tab under Settings and click the '+ New Rule' button at the top right.

  2. Rule Name, Target, and Action Type

    • Assign a Rule Name: Craft a unique and fitting name for your rule.

    • Select Target and Action Type: Choose your target and the corresponding action type to kick-start your automated rule.

  3. Define Criteria: Specify the conditions for the rule to run, utilizing filters such as Cost, ACOS, Impressions, CTR, etc. You can choose more than one.

  4. Specify Action: Choose the action to be executed when the defined criteria are met. For example, setting a new bid.

  5. Lookback window, frequency, watchers

    • Set Lookback Window: Determine the date range for the rule to utilize data.

    • Choose Frequency: Specify how often you want the rule to run.

    • Select Time of Day: Set the time for rule execution.

    • Add Watchers: Include team members as watchers for notification purposes.

  6. Save the Rule: Preview the selected targets falling under the criteria, and your optimized rule is ready to enhance your Amazon DSP campaigns.

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