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Walmart: How to Setup Automated Rules
Walmart: How to Setup Automated Rules

Read this article to learn how you can create automated rules for your Walmart account on the Intentwise Platform

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Automated Rules are a feature that allows advertisers to automate actions by setting up rules that get triggered when set conditions are met. Within the Walmart platform, you can edit things such as keywords and products.

Steps to set an automated rule:

  1. Click on the Automated Rules under Settings in the navigation panel. Click on the ‘New Rule' button on the top right of the page.

  2. Enter a Rule Name >Choose your Target > Choose your Action Type

    There are three types of targets:

    • Campaign level

    • Product level

    • Keyword level

  3. Define your Criteria/Condition for the rule to run (keep in mind that you can add more than one condition)

  4. Set your lookback window > Set your Frequency > And pick the time of day > Add additional team members as watchers if they need to be notified when the rule runs.

  5. And save the new rule.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want to automate a certain criteria?

You can also use alerts to get insights into certain criteria without having an action correlated to it

What entity levels can I automate?

Within the Walmart platform, you can automate orders, products, and keywords

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