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Criteo: Edit Campaigns
Criteo: Edit Campaigns

Want to make changes to your Criteo budget, campaign name, or lookback window? Read this article to learn how you can edit Criteo campaigns.

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Steps for editing an existing campaign:

1. Add Campaign: Go to the Campaigns tab in the left navigation menu.

2. Select Campaign: Select the Pencil/Edit icon for the campaign that you want to edit.

3. Edit Campaign: Customize your Attribution settings to fit your campaign's goal by selecting which Lookback Window to use and defining the Product Match for both Post-Click and Post-View conversions.

  • Lookback Window: The Lookback Window is the eligible time period between a sales transaction and an ad event.

  • Product Match: A Product match is the relationship between the purchased product and the advertised one.

  • You can also edit the Campaign Name, and Campaign Budget as per your requirements.

4. All set: Click Apply and your campaign edits will be applied.

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