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Instacart: How to Add New Keywords
Instacart: How to Add New Keywords

Ready to expand your campaign strategy on Instacart? Read this article to learn how to add new keywords for Instacart campaigns.

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The Intentwise platform simplifies adding keywords in bulk to your Instacart campaigns. This article will guide you through the necessary steps.

How to Add New Keywords

  1. Navigate to the Instacart menu.

  2. Go to the Keywords tab.

  3. Add Keyword: Go to the Keywords tab in the left navigation menu. Click on the +Add Keyword button

2. Add New Keywords: Select the campaigns to which you want to add keywords. Enter all your keywords on the right side, separated by line breaks. Also don't forget to select 'Match Type and Bids'. Then click on the Submit button.

3. Click on the Close button

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add keywords to multiple campaigns at once?

Yes, just select multiple campaigns from the left hand dropdown

Can I choose custom bids for my targets?

Yes, just be sure to enter bids on a match type level before clicking submit

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