Change History in Intentwise Platform

In Intentwise, it is easy to see a full view of your change history. Here's how to understand the impact of changes on account performance.

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Change History Explained

Want to find out how and when changes were made to your account? Use the Change History feature to track changes and see all details of modifications made to your account.

The Intentwise platform makes it simple to see the changes made to your account. Here's how you can use the feature:

1. Navigate to the Sponsored Ads Settings in the left menu > Click on Settings > Select Change History

Intentwise change history feature

2. In Change History, you can find five different tabs for changes

  1. All Changes: A consolidated list of all changes made to the platform

  2. Campaigns/Ad Groups: All changes in Campaigns/Ad Groups (campaign target ACOS, updates, etc.)

  3. Products: All changes in Products (updated, added, etc.)

  4. Targeting: All changes in targeting (keywords, negative keywords, product targeting clauses, etc.)

  5. Admin Changes: All the modifications made by Admins

3. Click on Filter > Choose one or both the options:

  • Campaigns: You can select the campaign(s) to see the change history over the selected time frame

  • User: You can filter by user(s) to see all changes made by them during the selected time frame

List of users: Find out who made the changes (what and where)

Amazon Console

Changes made on the Amazon Console directly

Automated Rules

Changes made based on the automated rules set in your account

Campaign Auto Management

Changes made by the Intentwise platform (if you've enabled auto-apply bid recommendations)

Email (abc@yourcompany)

Changes made by users from your organization

4. Go to Changes > Click on the drop-down button to see the details

5. Click on the download option in the change box to get the change history for a particular event at once

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