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Hourly Metrics: Rapid Retail Analytics for Vendors
Hourly Metrics: Rapid Retail Analytics for Vendors

Read this article to learn about retail analytics for hourly sales data for Amazon Vendor Central on the Intentwise platform.

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Amazon Vendor Central Real-Time Sales Explained

Amazon Vendor Central Real-Time Sales or Retail Analytics provides hourly grain sales data at an ASIN level. Currently, the ordered units and ordered revenue data are available and can be leveraged to devise your advertising strategy accordingly. Please note that traffic and inventory data will soon be made available.

Retail Analytics on Intentwise Ad Optimizer

  1. Connect Vendor Central Account: To access this data, your Vendor Central account must be linked with Intentwise. If you have already connected your account, you can proceed to the next step. Click here to learn how to add your vendor central account.

  2. Request Retail Analytics: Once the Vendor Central account is linked, Retail Analytics can be made available only on a request basis. To enable it for your account, send us a message via [email protected] or chat.

  3. Navigation: Once enabled, you will find the data under the Hourly Metrics → Retail Analytics in the left Navigation menu.

Note: It takes around 24 hours for data to populate.

Retail Analytics dashboard Features

  • Ordered units and ordered revenue are summarized hourly over the selected date range and shown in a trend graph.

  • Ordered units and ordered revenue figures at a day-wise and hour-wise split view.

  • Data is available for Today, Yesterday, the Last 7 days, the Last 14 days, and special events like Prime Days and Black Fridays.

  • Hourly data cannot be backfilled; you will only receive data from the activation date going forward.

Amazon Vendor Central Real-Time Sales For Intentwise Analytics Cloud

Once your vendor central accounts are added (Click here to learn how to add your vendor central account), please follow these steps to activate this as a data source in IAC:

  1. Add Data Source: In Intentwise Analytics Cloud (IAC), please click on the “+ Add Source” option in the “My Data Sources” section and then select “Amazon Vendor Central Real-Time Sales.”

  2. Enable: You will then be presented with the “Data Source Settings” screen, where you will find all the available vendor central accounts. You can then select the accounts you want to activate by checking the checkbox and clicking on the “Enable” option in the top ribbon menu.

  3. You will receive a confirmation notification regarding the account addition. Please note that it will take about 24 hours after enabling the account to access the data.

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