Amazon Reviews as Data Source

Use Amazon Reviews as a data source on Intentwise Analytics Cloud. Read this article to learn how to get started with Amazon Reviews.

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Amazon Reviews Explained

Amazon customer reviews are feedback from shoppers in the form of ratings, comments, images, and videos. Reviews help you gauge customer sentiment for a particular product or category. Use Amazon reviews to:

  • Assess your best-ranking products and stay competitive by being on top of what customers are saying about your products.

  • Analyze your advertising performance by tracking the incremental progress of reviews on a weekly basis.

Marketplace Availability: Amazon Reviews data is available for the US.

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Getting Started with Amazon Reviews

According to Amazon, 300 million customers shop in Amazon Stores worldwide. Reviews help these customers learn more about the product and decide whether it is right for them.

Here's what you'll find in Amazon Reviews:

  • Review title, rating, and links (URLs)

  • Purchase details: When, by whom, whether it was verified

  • Count information: How many people reviewed it, the total number of comments, ratings, images, and videos

  • Feature-level rating details

Amazon Reviews for Intentwise Analytics Cloud (IAC)

With Intentwise Analytics Cloud, you can get Amazon Reviews as a data source. You can track review details—review title, rating, and link, along with other things (as mentioned above) for your reviews every week. Let's review the steps to enable Amazon Reviews in Intentwise Analytics Cloud.

Please Note: Once you enable the accounts, you'll have to email [email protected] to identify the ASINs for which the reviews need to be pulled.

Amazon Reviews comes at an additional cost.

Step 1: In My Connections, click on the + Add Source option in My Data Sources section and then select Amazon Reviews.

Step 2: Select the accounts you want to activate by checking the checkbox and clicking the “Enable” option in the top ribbon menu.

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation notification regarding the account addition. Please note that it will take about 24 hours after enabling the account to access the data.

Step 4: Connect with us at [email protected] to add the ASINs you want to capture and the frequency (usually happens weekly). In the initial setup, the latest 100 reviews for a given ASIN are pulled.

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