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How to Set Up Content Analytics

Ready to access insights on retail readiness and PDP optimization through Intentwise Content Analytics? Here's how to get started.

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Getting Started with Content Analytics

To subscribe to this module, please contact us via email ([email protected]) or over chat. Be sure to mention the accounts for which you want this enabled. Our team will inform you once the module has been enabled for your accounts.

Note: There is a charge associated with this module. Reach out to our team to know the details.

Steps for setting up Content Analytics

Once the Content Analytics module has been enabled, you can start the setup in the Global Settings tab.

  1. Go to Content Analytics under Global Settings.

  2. Add Frequency of Tracking: Once, Daily, or Weekly. When choosing weekly, Content Analytics usually runs on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

  3. Add ASINs to track: You can directly import advertised ASINs or add products individually or in bulk.

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Content Analytics For Intentwise Analytics Cloud (IAC)

Once you have completed the setup/configuration of Content Analytics for the respective accounts, follow these steps to activate this as a data source in IAC.

  1. Add Data Source: In My Connections, click on the “+ Add Source” option in the “My Data Sources” section and then select “Content Analytics.

  2. Add Accounts: You will then be presented with the “Data Source Settings” screen where you will find all the available accounts for which Content Analytics has been enabled. You can then select the accounts you want to activate by checking the checkbox and then clicking on the “Enable” option in the top ribbon menu.

  3. You will receive a confirmation notification regarding the account addition. Please note that it will take about 24 hours after enabling the account to access the data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the pricing change based on different frequencies?

Yes, the pricing may vary based on your tracking frequency. For more details, refer to your contract or contact your Account Manager at Intentwise.

Is Content Analytics available for KDP accounts?

No, KDP accounts are not supported yet.

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