Unable to see data in Data Destinations?

Read this article for the most common reasons for not being able to see account(s)/data in the data destinations and how you can resolve it.

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Are you facing trouble seeing your Amazon accounts/ data in the Intentwise Analytics Cloud data destinations like Looker Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau, Big Query, or other connected databases?

Read this article to learn the reasons and how you can resolve it.

Reasons for not being able to view data in the data destination

1. Inactive Account: The account you are trying to add may not be active or accessible, so ensure that the needed account is active and accessible for data integration.

2. SP API Access: For platforms like Seller Central or Vendor Central, you may need to ensure that the necessary SP API access is granted for data integration.

3. Data Source Connection: Verify that the account you want to add is properly connected as a data source in the relevant connections.

4. Time Delay: It might take some time, usually 24 hours, for the added account to be fully reflected as a data source.

5. Report Settings: Check whether the specific report you want to access is enabled under the report settings for the account type.

6. Data Destination: Ensure that the data destination (e.g, the platform where you want the data to be seen) is enabled and configured correctly.

7. Gmail-ID Connection: If you're using Looker Studio, make sure your Gmail ID is connected properly for authentication or access.

8. Templates: If you are using Looker Data Studio templates and seeing only demo accounts, please login with the Gmail ID that you have connected with Intentwise and copy the template to see the accounts to which you have access.

9. Data on Amazon Console: Make sure the account has relevant data available on the Amazon console for the specified date range. If you still face issues, share the relevant reports from the Amazon console with the support team for further assistance.

Always double-check the configuration and integration steps when encountering issues getting the data in the data destinations. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to reach out to the platform's support or help center for more guidance.

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