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Walmart: Platform Dashboard
Walmart: Platform Dashboard

Enhance your Walmart sponsored products campaign performance with bid multipliers using the Platform Dashboard.

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Platform Dashboard Explained

The Platform Dashboard provides essential insights into the performance metrics of various ad placement types on Walmart's platform. It empowers you to optimize your advertising strategies by allowing you to use bid multipliers for different platform types.

Availability: Sponsored Product campaigns on Walmart.

Platform types on Walmart:

  • Desktop

  • App

  • Mobile

The Platform Dashboard gives you greater control over bids by providing comprehensive performance metrics for each platform type. With this information at your fingertips, you can make data-driven decisions on which platform types work best for your products.

Bid Multipliers

With bid multipliers, you can automatically adjust a line item's bid multiplier percentage based on its performance. For example, if your current bid for a keyword is $1, and you want more visibility on the desktop platform, you can add a desktop bid multiplier of 20% to increase the bid for the desktop platform to $1.2.

You can increase or decrease a line item's placement percentage using bid multipliers. You can update bids individually or in bulk across different platform types.

You can also create and save filters within these dashboards.

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