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Create a set of saved filters across dashboards and accounts to simplify your day to day Amazon Advertising activities.

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Creating Saved Filters

Saved filters can be a powerful tool to streamline your analysis process. Follow the steps below to create and utilize saved filters effectively:

  1. Navigate to a dashboard view, such as the Campaigns dashboard in the left menu.

  2. Click on the "Filter" option

  3. Begin creating your custom filter by specifying the criteria. For this example, let's create an "Underperforming Campaigns" filter for all campaigns with:

    • ACOS greater than or equal to 15%

    • Spend greater than or equal to 500

  4. Once the criteria are set, click on "Save"

  5. Give the filter a name for easy identification

  6. To remove the filter, simply click on "Reset"

  7. To apply your saved filter, click on "Filter" and select the saved filter you created. The filter's criteria will be immediately applied.

Recommended Filters

Creating a set of saved filters across the entire application can be super handy. The recommended set of filters includes:

  • Underperforming and high-performing campaigns, products, keywords, etc.

  • Zero revenue search terms (these could be great candidates for negative matching)

  • Brand, Non-brand keywords

  • Filters by campaign types

Watch this video for detailed steps

This is an example wherein a filter for all campaigns with ACOS greater than 15% and spend more than 500 is created.


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