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Criteo: How to Use Saved Filters
Criteo: How to Use Saved Filters

Save the most frequently used filters across dashboards and accounts to simplify your day-to-day Criteo Advertising activities.

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Filters within Intentwise allow you to aggregate your data based on different criteria such as campaign attributes or performance metrics.

Steps for saving and reusing filters

1. Select the filter: Select the filter you want to apply.

2. Apply the filter: Add the criterion you want to set.

3. Save the filter: Make sure you have applied the right filters. Once all your filters have been applied, select Save to save all of your filters as a single filter choice

4. Name the filter: Use a suitable naming convention for the applied criterion.

5. All set: You'll now find your saved filter in the Filter dropdown>Saved Filters. You can remove any unwanted saved filters by clicking on the bin icon next to each saved filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view a saved filter?

You can use the saved filter only in the dashboard where it was created.

Who can view a saved filter?

Saved filters are specific to each user and account

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