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Troubleshoot Data Discrepancy

Learn why you might find discrepancies when comparing Amazon Advertising Console data with Intentwise

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When comparing your data between Amazon Advertising Console and Intentwise, it can be confusing when you see discrepancies. In this article, we'll explain:

Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution utilizes a 14-day, last-touch attribution model. 14-day means that for a click to get credit for a conversion, the conversion needs to happen within 14 days of the click. The last touch means that the conversion credit goes to the most recent click.

For example, a shopper clicks on a video ad on May 1, a display ad on May 12, and a search ad on May 13. Finally, the shopper makes a purchase on May 17. The May 1 video click wouldn't be considered to receive credit since it is outside the 14-day window. Since Amazon uses a last-touch model, the credit goes to the search ad for the purchase on May 17.

Summary of Attribution Window by Campaign Types

Campaign Type

Attribution Window

Sponsored Products

7-day click (Seller Central),

14-day click (Vendor Central)

Sponsored Brands

14-day click

Sponsored Display

14-day click

Amazon DSP

14-day view window

What You Should Know

Here are some reasons discrepancies can occur from Amazon:

  • It can take up to 12 hours for your orders and sales data to be updated on Amazon. As a result, data may be delayed. We recommend waiting until all order data is populated before evaluating campaign performance.

  • If orders are canceled or returned, the sales will be dropped to $0 while still counting as a purchase. There's a lag in zeroing out purchases from canceled or returned orders.

  • Amazon will also conduct click-validation to determine if a click is invalid. Some traffic validations can take up to three days to show up.

  • Attributed sales reporting is based on the listed prices of the products on the detail pages. Cart discounts aren't factored into attributed sales. This can drive discrepancies in expected revenue when compared to retail data.

Here's What Intentwise Will Do

Intentwise will load and reload data for the past 14 days daily, starting at 6 am PST for Intentwise Advertising Platform and 8 am PST for Intentwise Analytics Cloud. Please note adjustments made by Amazon intraday won't be reflected until the day after.

When comparing data within the Attribution Window, you can expect discrepancies based on the time frame you are viewing. If you are seeing discrepancies outside the attribution window, Amazon considers a 2-5% difference as "acceptable" in terms of data they provide via the API.

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