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How to Add Product Targets

Read this article and follow the step-by-steps instructions to add new targets to your product targeting campaign

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Product targets are a key targeting type on Amazon. Intentwise enables you to make changes within these targets in a efficient manner, which this article will walk through.

Steps to add product targets

  1. In the left menu, click on Product Targeting under Sponsered Ads

  2. Click on Add product Target

  3. Enter the targets

  4. Select the Campaign Types, Campaigns, Ad group and click Next

  5. Now Select the Targets and enter the bids. There are three ways in which you can enter the bids:

    1. You can apply Amazon suggested bids. In the textbox, enter a default value when Amazon Suggested bid is unavailable for the target and click Apply

    2. You can choose Custom bids. In the textbox, enter the custom bid value and click Apply

    3. Individually enter the bid value for each Target


  6. Once done and click Submit.

Watch this video for detailed steps:

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