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Products Dashboard: Adding Products to Campaigns
Products Dashboard: Adding Products to Campaigns

Read this article to see how you can add Products in bulk to your Sponsored Product and Sponsored Display Campaigns

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Products Dashboard Explained

The Products dashboard helps you manage your products by analysing performance charts, adding products, taking bulk actions, using roll ups, and more. This dashboard is available for sponsored products and sponsored display campaigns.

Using Charts

With charts (or tables), you can measure relevant metrics for a desired period (daily, weekly, or monthly). You can easily customize it to track metrics like spend, revenue, impressions, ACOS, and more.

Steps for adding products to campaigns

  • Click on "Products" under the Sponsered Ads tab > Click on "Add Products."

  • Enter the ASINs > Select the Campaign type, Campaigns and the Ad group

  • Click on Submit

Watch this video for detailed steps:

Bulk actions

You can select multiple products to enable, pause, archive, or label products in bulk.


You can apply filters to identify problematic areas. For example, if you're trying to reduce your ACOS, you can apply a filter for products with an ACOS greater than or equal to 20% and optimize accordingly.

Roll Ups

You can use the roll up feature to see the aggregated performance at an ASIN level.

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