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How to Add Custom Product Attributes/ Brand ASINs
How to Add Custom Product Attributes/ Brand ASINs

Read this article to set up Brand ASINs to identify products that belong to your account at Intentwise platform

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Amazon Brand ASINs are automatically populated on a daily basis from Sponsored Ads and Seller/Vendor Sales reports. This will help with analysis using our Roll Up feature and our Recommendation engine to offer better suggestions to improve your advertising.

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Steps to update custom attributes for your brand ASINs

  1. Navigate to Global Settings > Custom Product Attributes.

  2. Select Upload In Bulk.

  3. By selecting Manage ASIN(s), Intentwise will download the CSV file of all products.

  4. Update the related Group and Attribute fields in the CSV file.

  5. Upload the file from Choose bulk file.

Watch this video for detailed steps:

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