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Amazon DSP: Automated Rules
Amazon DSP: Automated Rules

Learn the step-by-step process to create powerful automated rules on the Intentwise Platform for optimizing your Amazon DSP campaigns.

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Automated rules allow advertisers to automate actions by setting up rules that get triggered when set conditions are met.

Steps to create an automated rule:

  1. Create a New Rule: Navigate to the 'Automated Rules' tab under Settings and click the '+ New Rule' button at the top right.

  2. Rule Name, Target, and Action Type

    • Assign a Rule Name: Craft a unique and fitting name for your rule.

    • Select Target and Action Type: Choose your target and the corresponding action type to kick-start your automated rule.

  3. Define Criteria: Specify the conditions for the rule to run, utilizing filters such as Cost, ACOS, Impressions, CTR, etc. You can choose more than one.

  4. Specify Action: Choose the action to be executed when the defined criteria are met. For example, setting a new bid.

  5. Lookback window, frequency, watchers

    • Set Lookback Window: Determine the date range for the rule to utilize data.

    • Choose Frequency: Specify how often you want the rule to run.

    • Select Time of Day: Set the time for rule execution.

    • Add Watchers: Include team members as watchers for notification purposes.

  6. Save the Rule: Preview the selected targets falling under the criteria, and your optimized rule is ready to enhance your Amazon DSP campaigns.

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