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Walmart: Target ROAS and Bid Automation
Walmart: Target ROAS and Bid Automation

Set Target ROAS and learn how bid recommendations can be auto-applied for Walmart without manual intervention on the Intentwise platform

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Bid Management and Target ROAS

The Intentwise platform provides bid recommendations based on the target return on ad spend (ROAS) you set for your Walmart campaign. You can auto-apply bids or apply them manually using the Recommendations tab.

You can manage bids on Walmart using the following options:

  1. Bid Automation: Auto-apply bids by checking the Auto Apply Bid Recommendations box to use Intentwise machine learning AI for bid recommendations. (this is optional—explained later in the article)

  2. Recommendations: Leave the Auto Apply Bid Recommendations box unchecked and start receiving bid recommendations under the Recommendations tab, where you can review and manually apply bids.

Intentwise’s machine learning algorithm works with your target ROAS, account performance, and other data points to generate bid recommendations.

Setting Up Your Target ROAS (Step-by-Step tutorial)

You can set your Target ROAS using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab in the left navigation menu

  2. Select the campaigns (individually or in bulk)

  3. Once selected, find the Edit button in the top bar

  4. Navigate to Set Target ROAS and add your target ROAS

  5. Select Auto Apply Bid Recommendations if you want the Intentwise platform to auto-apply bid recommendations

Bid Automation

With the Intentwise platform, you can automate applying bid recommendations to your campaigns. What this means is any bid recommendations that the platform generates will be automatically applied to your campaign without you having to intervene manually.

  • To start, navigate to the Campaign tab within the Walmart section on the left menu.

  • Select the campaigns for which you want to auto-apply bid recommendations.

  • Click on Edit>Auto Apply

  • Select Enable Auto Apply Bid Recommendations to automate bid optimizations. To disable or turn off Auto Apply Bid Recommendations, select "Disable Auto Apply Bid Reco."

  • Once applied, the Campaigns will appear with a checkbox in the Auto Apply column, which signifies Auto Apply is enabled. If the checkbox is empty, Auto Apply is not turned on.


Each recommendation takes you to a specific part of our platform where you can find a table view to compare the recommendation with additional metrics like Spend, Revenue, ROAS, etc. You can apply additional filters or click on the Columns bar on the right to select the values and headings you want to see.

Bid Optimization

Please Note: You will see this section only if you haven’t opted for auto-apply bid recommendations.

If you haven’t selected auto-apply bid recommendations on our platform, you can still find competitive bid recommendations based on historical data and account performance suggested by our algorithm.

Note: This set of recommendations is generated every day.

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