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Walmart: Search Terms Dashboard
Walmart: Search Terms Dashboard

Read this article to know how to use the search terms dashboard to view and add search terms as keywords to your campaigns.

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Search Terms Dashboard Explained

Ever wondered what keywords users are searching for? Our Search Terms Dashboard helps you find revenue-generating search terms and gauge their relevance using key metrics.

Quick Links

Our quick links simplify the process of pinpointing search terms for Sponsored Products campaigns, both Auto or Keyword targeting.


From there, you can access charts or tables displaying essential metrics for your chosen time frame, be it daily, weekly, or monthly. It's fully customizable, allowing you to track spend, impressions, ROAS, and more.

Adding search terms as keywords

You can view and add search terms as keywords to your campaigns. You can then choose the match type and set bids (custom or based on average CPC).


Create filters

Enhance your search with filters, which you can save for future reference. For instance, you can filter for search terms generating over $10 in revenue or more than 1000 impressions.

Save filters

Apply these filters to add these lucrative search terms as keywords to your current or multiple campaigns, and save them for quick reuse.

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