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Instructional Query: Ad Attributed Brand Searches
Instructional Query: Ad Attributed Brand Searches

Wondering how your DSP ads are influencing brand searches? The Ad Attributed Brand Searches query in Intentwise Explore (AMC) can help.

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What are instructional queries?

Amazon Marketing Cloud's (AMC) instructional queries provide pre-written SQL code that AMC users can use as is or modify for common measurement and analytics tasks.

Ad Attributed Brand Searches

Ad attributed brand searches provide insights into how your DSP advertising campaigns influence customer behavior for branded search terms. This metric represents the number of times a branded keyword was searched on Amazon, attributed to both ad impressions and clicks, based on keywords generated from the featured ASINs in your campaign.

To use this query effectively, you need DSP campaigns with tracked ASINs and must enable this feature in your DSP user account settings. By analyzing ad attributed brand searches, you can assess the impact of your DSP campaigns on customer interest and engagement for branded terms, allowing you to optimize your advertising strategies for better results and ROI.

For more information, refer to our data model.

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