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Instructional Query: New To Brand Gateway ASIN
Instructional Query: New To Brand Gateway ASIN

Here's everything you need to know about using the New To Brand Gateway ASIN query on Intentwise Explore (AMC).

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What are instructional queries?

Amazon Marketing Cloud's (AMC) instructional queries provide pre-written SQL code that AMC users can use as is or modify for common measurement and analytics tasks.

New To Brand Gateway ASIN

The New To Brand Gateway ASIN query helps you identify the top ASINs that bring in the most new-to-brand (NTB) customers for your brand. By understanding which ASINs attract NTB customers, you can optimize your advertising strategies to focus on promoting these products more effectively. This query returns data on the tracked ASIN, the number of customers who purchased, the number of NTB customers who purchased, the percentage of NTB customers, and the ranking of the ASIN based on the number of NTB customers for each advertiser.

For example, the query results might reveal that B000SDKDM4 and 1A3DQNZSTK are the top-performing ASINs in terms of bringing in NTB customers. This insight can help you prioritize these ASINs in future campaigns to maximize their impact in acquiring new customers.

To use this query effectively, your brand must have promoted ASINs that resulted in ad-attributed purchases on Amazon. The query analyzes data from the amazon_attributed_events_by_conversion_time table, which includes conversion types such as detail page views, add to cart, and purchases. It's important to note that the 14-day attribution window should be considered when running this query to capture all conversions accurately.

For more information, refer to our data model.

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